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Spread of Luminarism

Luminarism became the world's most successful religion, spreading at some point to most of Origina (excepting the Expanses), parts of Tyria, and all of Detariya and Ethaya - some 60% of the world's lands. In the process it would destroy most of the ancient world's pagan religions. Part of the reason why Luminarism was able to spread so far is due to the tenets of the religion itself; part of it is due to the power of the united luminances, which would be drawn into alliances in religious wars (called Illuminations) against the pagan powers. In its era of expansion, Luminarism's core dominion was the most populated of all the regions of the world, and so Luminarian empires had the manpower to ensure victory.

In modern times much of what had once been Luminarian have become a tempered, moderate form of Luminarian, as a result of a series of revolutions over the course of millennia of history. The rebelling political powers, in trying to sever ties to the Luminarian core empires, often declared a different state religion or at least revoked the strict religious laws of Luminarism (because such laws would call for the punishment of rebels against the Luminarian empires). Many adopted various new pagan religions, and each would accrue their own believers; and over time the mixing of this amalgam of different religions in Detariya and Ethaya would result in the emergence of a moderate form of Luminarism in those territories.

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