Sriyari Neare
Gen. Sriyari Neare
Commander of the Army of the Amazon
Personal details
Born12 March 1976
Freetown, Sierra Leone, Huria
Political partyNone
ProfessionMilitary Commander
ReligionRoman Catholic

General Sriyari Neare is a senior commander within the Hurian Penal Legions, and was the commanding officer of the Army of the Amazon in Hurian Brazil during the Amazon Campaign. A native of Sierra Leone, Neare is no stranger to war, violence, or loss, numerous things that qualified her to lead the Hurian Federation's forces against the Brazilian Liberation Army (BLA). Ruthless, apathetic, and ambitious, she has earned her place within the Hurian military command, and is a respected leader, supporting her nation's efforts to build itself up into an unstoppable military juggernaut. Publically, she was viewed as attempting to protect the citizens of the Amazon District in Hurian Brazil. However, she is currently responsible for the deaths of countless thousands in hunt for the BLA forces in the region, and responsible for recruitment of Brazilian child for military training. Recently, General Neare along with 17 other Hurian generals were charged with crimes against humanity during the 2008 Invasion of Brazil, though no action has been taken against her.