The Standard Shipyards Co. is an Oppi corporation devoted to cr
SS Co.

The Standard Shipyards Co. Symbol

eating spacecraft such as cargo ships and sometimes entire shipyards or space station for a burgeoning race or millionaire cargo runner. They are sometimes responsible for cargo runs and deliveries.The ships they create are mainly cargo ships, and cannot match the quality of the Oppi-Laari constructed cargoships for size, capacity or speed. Nevertheless, due to the cost of buying and difficulty of getting a licence for a government ship, SS Co. is a very popular industry. They suuport the OFP in the war of the powerful.


SS Co. operates out of a space station and shipyard that is hidden amongst the rubble of the Cican asteroid field. They create their ships at this singular location and can send gophers to Oppen to perform cargo runs to other systems using Interstellar accelerators.

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