Standard Surean is the official modern Surean spoken language used in Surea. It is an Altaic language spoken by 120 mllion people worldwide. Surean is an official language of the Global Treaty Organization

The phonology of Standard Surean is based on the Kunji dialect of Surean, a large and diverse group of Surean dialects spoken across Kunji Region. The vocabulary is largely drawn from this group of dialects. The grammar is standardized to the body of modern literary works written in Vernacular Surean, which in practice follows the same tradition of the Surean dialects with some notable exceptions. As a result, Standard Surean itself is usually just called "Surean" in non-academic, everyday usage. However, linguists use "Surean" to refer to the entire language.

The language itself is debated as an evolution of Japonic language due to its much similarity.

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