Starfall Card

"...and the stars will be falling from heaven, and the powers that are in the heavens will be shaken"

Despite the rumours of Rapture and apocalypse predicted during the 19th century, the true downfall of man's civilization began at a date no-one had ever suspected; February 18,1878, the appearance of the Secchi's Comet. For four weeks, a new 'star' hung over the sky, millions turning their eyes to the heavens to witness as it grew into a brilliant radiance, eventually becoming bright enough to be observed during the day; a second Sun. However, the fear that had initially spread among the planet's many peoples when the comet first appeared were soon to be realized; the 'star' growing ever brighter by the hands of a clock, not ceasing in its march towards the Earth.

A month following its first appearance, the Great Comet of 1878 fell from the sky in an overwhelming display of light and sound, striking the Earth's shallow ocean off the north coast of Ishigaki island near China and plunging the world into a cascade of almost constant misery, darkness and suffering that had not been seen in millions of years.

This is the tale of what happened next.

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