State Emblem of Westland
Яıкиıшʙoг Vӓитгaɴө
Riksimbol Vӓstland
Armiger Westlandic People's Republic
Adopted 1923
Escutcheon Red Oval with Golden Wyvern
Supporters Two Ears of Golden Wheat
Motto Est 1923
Use Government and Official
The State Emblem of Westland (Westland: Яıкиıшʙoг Vӓитгaɴө Riksimbol Vӓstland) is the official emblem of the Westlandic People's Republic. It was first adopted in 1923, and is still used today. It is often wrongly called a Coat of Arms, although it technically is an emblem since it does not follow heraldic rules. 

The emblem consists of a Red Oval with the Wyvern of Wessex in the cente surrounded by two wreaths of Wheat covered by ribbons depicting the colours of the Westlandic flag, and 'EST 1923,' indicating the year of the Westlandic Revolution, below a metal cog gear. 



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