Broker State Guard
Broker State Guard
Allegiance State of Broker
Type State defense force
Size 65,000 active personnel
Headquarters Joint Base Fort Arnold
Governor of Broker Stanley Morris
Adjutant General Steven McLeery

The Broker State Guard is the main branch of the Broker Military Department, and falls under the command of the Governor of Broker. The Guard is administered by the Adjutant General, who is appointed by the governor. As per the Constitution of Atlion, states may have their own militias, which operate independent of the national military. The State Guard is further divided into the State Air Guard and the State Army Guard. The Coast Guard of Atlion is responsible for policing state waters.


Structure and organization

The State Guard is a state defense force that assists and augments civil authorities in times of state emergencies, and in ongoing support of national military units and local communities. The Guard is completely independent of the Armed Forces of Atlion. Members of the guard are not military veterans, and are unfortunately at times confused with normal soldiers. Entry ranks for members depends on prior national military service and/or civilian education. Members with no prior military service attend basic training over three weeks at Joint Base Fort Arnold.

State Guard personnel actively support the state in the event of catastrophic events, and ongoing military missions. Members receive duty pay when activated by the Governor and placed on paid state active duty. The organizational structure follows the national military component structure, with comparable positions, ranks, protocols, and authorities. Members wear the gray digital-camo Broker military uniform, regardless of being affiliated with the State Air Guard or State Army Guard.

Units and formations


Army Guard

Air Guard

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