State of Reuben
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Flag of State of Reuben
Coat of arms of State of Reuben
Coat of arms
State of Reuben.png
Country Kania
Capital Fort Hebron
 • Governor Vincent Roseman (F)
 • Governing party Federalist Party of Kania
 • Votes in the Federal Senate 4 (of 50)
 • Total 8,947 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 366,639
 • Density Bad rounding hereScript error/km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error/sq mi)
Time zone KST (UTC-3)
ISO 3166 code RU
GDP/Nominal ₭26.495 billion (2012)
GDP per capita ₭72,266 (2012)
The State of Reuben is a state of Kania, located in western Kania. With an area of 8,947 square kilometers, it is one of the larger states of Kania. However, with a total population of 366,639, it is the seventh-most populated of Kania's twelve states. Its capital and largest city is Fort Hebron, which is home to about some seventy percent of the entire state population. This would make Reuben one of Kania's most sparsely-populated states as a result. The state is dominated by the Federalist Party of Kania, and the current governor of Reuben is Vincent Roseman.

Reuben has always played a relatively minor role in Kanian history, with its capital Fort Hebron serving as the secondary western port of Kania when Ephraim City was blocked due to ice build-up during the winter. However, the state never rivalled its northern or eastern neighbors, and Reuben for the majority of its history was considered a wild backwater. Only until the 1880s when the state became important to the nation's growth as an oil-producing state, did Reuben become a major player in the rest of Kania. However, due its long history of isolation from the rest of the nation, Reuben's population are known for their rather independent and outspoken views.