State of Simeon
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Flag of State of Simeon
Coat of arms of State of Simeon
Coat of arms
State of Simeon.png
Country Kania
Capital New Ashkelon
 • Governor Sheryl Vermont (L)
 • Governing party Liberal Party of Kania
 • Votes in the Federal Senate 4 (of 50)
 • Total 4,372 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 82,514
 • Density Bad rounding hereScript error/km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error/sq mi)
Time zone KST (UTC-3)
ISO 3166 code SI
GDP/Nominal ₭21.349 billion (2012)
GDP per capita ₭124,205 (2012)
The State of Simeon is a state of Kania, located in central Kania. It is one of the smaller states of Kania with an area of 4,372 square kilometers. It is the least-populous state in Kania with a meager population of 82,514, but one of its wealthiest and most developed states in the country. The capital city of Simeon is n/a, which is home to a considerable portion of the state's population. Simeon is one of the few strongholds of the Liberal Party of Kania, and one of the even fewer states where they are the dominate party. The current governor of Simeon is Sheryl Vermont.

Like most of the states on the western side of the N/A Mountains, Simeon was for the majority history neglected, sparsely populated, and for most of Kania's history, one of the poorest states in the country. However, the mining industry saved the state economy from crumbling, and the later introduction of the sevice-based economy made the state a major banking center in Kania. The state has traditionally been home to the few influential white Kanians that have been able to claw their way to notoriety in black-dominated Kania. This is especially important given the state's large racially mixed population, from whom the leader of the Liberal Party, Yvonne Bernadotte was drawn.