The United States of Antarticland is divided by 8 states:

States of Antarticland
Name Code Flag Population Surface Capital Districts
Victoria Land VA Victoria Land State Flag 252311 330259,11 Darwin 10
Amundsen AM Amundsen State Flag 1502310 274589,98 Amundsen 5
Alyeska AL Alyeska State Flag 150255 288037,67 Hillcrest 8
Palmerland PA Palmerland State Flag 108777 180608,63 Ellsworth 5
South Pole SP South Pole State Flag 2120144 619910,62 South Pole 12
East Antartica EA East Antartica State Flag 869877 2272348,77 Amery 20
Polaria PO Polaria State Flag 632470 673567,53 Hillary 18
New Swabia NS New Swabia State Flag 958111 2501882,38 Shackleton 22

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