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The states of Cambonnius are very unique to one another with various landscapes sometimes resembling areas of earth or a different planet all together!

-==Cambonnia== Cambonnia shares it's name with it's capital city, it is located near the west shore -===Cambonnia=== The biggest city in Cambonnius also the capital of the nation which houses G.Cambo's current government house. Cambonnia best resembles a mix between Washington and Rome. There are a lot of ancient building and white architectural wonders in the city but it has an underworld too with numerous popular terrorists calling it home, most notably the mastermind who is rumored to have he's own skyscraper in the largest city in Cambonnius.

-==Cobra Island== Home of the evil Cobra organization it is a designated "no go" area by G.Cambo and the military because of Cobra's heavy presence in the area.

-==Glassgoww== Glassgow is a cold highland area with a variety of castles, caves and moats. Most famous belonging to the Mastermind and the home of the Iron Grenadiers, The two forces recruit the majority of their minions there. The weather in Glassgoww is usually very very wet.

-==Glenside== The Mastermind has an office somewhere in Glenside, it is only a Warehouse in the ruined suburbia but still enough to give this state of Cambonnius plenty of fear from the Mastermind who seems to want to dominate Glenside the most, maybe because he started there?

-==Gorgon== Gorgon is a special mutant only state where mutants can live in peace at their own will. It is a quiet place with picturesque landscapes with plenty of tree's, very mountainous and streams of fresh water as it's landscape. It best resembles Argentina or Chile.

For a while Gorgon was a peaceful state until the war mongering Commando Elite rebelled against the Cambonnius military and made their base in Gorgon taking advantage of the civilians hide or die policy to fighting.

Since then a tribe of Gorgon civilians has stepped forward calling themselves the Gorgonites and have been fighting against the Commando Elite preventing them from destroying their loved Gorgon and expanding into other states as well.

Gorgon doesn't have a capital city or much of an economy or crime, it is left as a giant natural reserve where the Gorgonites live off the earth's resources in separate tribe's. It is very rare for these tribes to combat each other, they communicate well together and help each other out, if a tribe leader is slain from natural causes then a nearby leader will usually take over.

-==Hew== Hew is a state on the southern side of Cambonnius, it is most famous for it's former capital city of Racoon City because of the Umbrella Corporation and their infamous T-Virus. Which killed over 100,000 civilians and turned them into mindless zombies. It also contains the (now deserted) Rockfort Island.

-==Millwall== Millwall is a large barren ruined state with it's cotizens almost as depressed as it's landscape. It resembles the post soviet USSR empire. -====Milllwall==== Currently under control by Cobra, it has come under attack numerous times by multiple forces, but it's citizens have been brainwashed by the Cobra organization and they are determined to have a secure government even if it means defending the town from the G.I.Joe's.

-==Peruvvia== Peruvvia is a state which is full of a very dense rainforest, the few civilians in this state are forced to live underground or in the tree's. The masterminds forces have been seen in the area which worries the government because it will be difficult to find them in the dense jungle.

-==Saharran== The Saharran state is basically sand, no leader wanted to manage sand so it made into it's own state, it is one of the largest states in Cambonnius with very few civilians. Recently the mastermind's forces were seen in the Saharran desert

Shang Tsung's Island

Shang Tsung's residence and the arena of Mortal Kombat where participants fight to protect their realm from take over from other participants realms.


Originally part of the Outworld, the home of the vampires fought for their freedom and won and were deemed an independent nation. even though they are now free they are still fighting for their lives against the Outworld forces which they need so they can feed on the blood they need to drink to survive.

-==Volcano Island== An abandoned small island because of the volcano considered to be active. Little does the government know that it is the secret base of the Mastermind because the volcano is extinct on the island.

-=Moon Base= Cambonnius has territory on the moon and with it their military defends it, but representatives had to come from all faction from Cambonnius and the Mastermind has set up their own base on the moon in the Cambonnius sector. Lord Zedd has he's own palace somewhere on the moon, The Power Rangers are the team trying to defeat Lord Zedd but the palace's location is unknown.


First known as Sauria, home to the Saurians. This small island was around when god created the lands but a war between the gods all but destroyed this race and put a curse on it so when any inhabitant of Sauria left they would slowly turn into a reptile and lose their memory unless they returned. Zaterra is now a part of Shao Khans Outworld which is where he recruited he's bodyguard, Reptile from.

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