The Marit Island Federation is a union of 8 federal states and 4 overseas territories. The two states, Townsend and Van Batenburg, are federal districts but operate as states in their own rights.

Each state has a governor, a premier, and a state legislature. State executive power is distributed between the governor and premier. Once a year there is a National Governor's Conference where each governor of the eight states meets to discuss political issues. Each governor is elected by the public, except in the Central Islands, where  the governor is nominated and then approved by the state legislature.

State Divisions

MI Federal States Colored Map

State boundaries identified by color

List of States

No. Flag State Name State Capital
1 Van Batenburg State Flag Van Batenburg Van Batenburg
2 Townsend State Flag Townsend Townsend
3 East Hoeksma State Flag East Hoeksma Jacobse
4 West Hoeksma State Flag West Hoeksma Wardenaar
5 Ververs State Flag Ververs Ververs
6 Central Islands State Flag Central Islands Allenwood (community)
7 Purpurhart State Flag Purpurhart Purpurhart
8 Northern Islands State Flags Northern Islands Taonga

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