A state of the United States of Europe is one of 69 political entities that shares its sovereignty with the federal government of the United States of Europe. Each citizen is subject to both federal law and the law of their respective state, this means that in effect every citizen is a citizen of the USE and the state in which they primarily reside.

Most states are divided into regions, many of which have their own system of local government. The state has numerous responsibilities, these include healthcare, education, transport, infrastructure and public safety (controlling crime), as well as matters including culture and language.

However, the there is a series of laws in the Constitution that are designed not to give too much power to individual state governments, and likewise for the federal government over states.

New states can be created when new countries enter the Treaty of Rotterdam, and therefore the United States of Europe (As Croatia did in 2104) or if the Senate finds that for whatever reason a state needs to be divided. Under the constitution, states cannot secede from the Union unless their country exits the Treaty of Rotterdam.

List of states

State Capital Country
Tyrol-Voralberg Innsbruck Austria
Salzburg Salzburg Austria
Carinthia-Styria Graz Austria
Upper Austria Linz Austria
Lower Austria Vienna Austria
Flanders Antwerp Belgium
Wallonia Namur Belgium
Brussels Brussels Belgium
Slavonia Osijek Croatia
Central Croatia Zagreb Croatia
Dalmatia Split Croatia
Istia Kvarner Rijeka Croatia
Brittany Rennes France
Aquitaine Bordeaux France
Alsace-Lorraine Strasbourg France
Auvergne-Limousin Clermont-Ferrand France
Ile de France Paris France
Languedoc-Roussillon Montpellier France
Normandy Rouen France


Toulouse France
Nord-Picardie Lille France
Pays de la Loire Nantes France
Poitou-Charentes Poitiers France
Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur Marseille France
Rhone-Alpes Lyon France
Centre Orleans France
Baden-Wurttemburg Stuttgart Germany
Bavaria Munich Germany
Brandenburg-Berlin Berlin Germany
Schleswig-Holstein Hamburg Germany
Hesse-Thuringia Wiesbaden Germany
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin Germany
Lower Saxony-Bremen Hanover Germany
North Rhine-Westphalia Dusseldorf Germany
Rhineland-Palatinate Mainz Germany
Saarland Saarbrucken Germany
Saxony-Anhalt Dresden Germany
Aosta Valley Aosta Italy
Piedmont-Liguria Turin Italy
Lombardy Milan Italy
South Tirol Trento Italy
Veneto Venice Italy
Emilia-Romagna Bologna Italy
Tuscany Florence Italy
Umbria-Marche Perugia Italy
Lazio Rome Italy
Sardinia Cagliari Italy
Sicily Palermo Italy
Abruzzo-Molise L'Aquila Italy
Campania-Apulia Naples Italy
Basilicata-Calabria Cantanzaro Italy
Luxembourg Luxembourg City Luxembourg
West-Nederland Amsterdam Netherlands
Noord-Nederland Groningen Netherlands
Zuid-Nederland Eindhoven Netherlands
Oost-Nederland Arnhem Netherlands
Alentejo Evora Portugal
Algarve Faro Portugal
Centro Coimbra Portugal
Lisboa Lisbon Portugal
Norte Porto Portugal
Carniola Ljubljana Slovenia
Primorska Koper Slovenia
Andalusia Seville Spain
Extremadura Merida Spain
Castile y Leon Valladolid Spain
Aragon Zaragoza Spain
Madrid Madrid Spain
Castile-La Mancha Toledo


Basque County Bilbao Spain
Navarre y La Rioja Pamplona Spain
Galicia Vigo Spain
Asturias y Cantabria Santander Spain

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