The Statesport Gazette is a daily newspaper publication in Statesport, Broker, which is circulated nationally throughout Atlion. Owned by the EcruGroup, it is published in English and French, Atlion's two major languages. The Gazette started circulation in 1890 as the State's Port Post and has since followed a very centrist or left-leaning attitude in its publications.


Being one of the country's most read newspapers, the SG gets exclusive reporting rights to the PRESIDENT'S OFFICE along with a few other media-outlets. It has a permanent reporter at both the Atlion's Capitol Building and the Broker Statehouse. The majority of the paper's readership is in Broker, however, it also has a high popularity in the National Capital Region, Intima, Sagesse and Atlantia.

The Statesport Gazette follows a rather strict format of sections, usually found in this order:

  • National section, containing the front page and national news
  • Local section, containing news specific to Broker and moreover Statesport
  • International section, containing international news
  • Business and politics section, containing business and politics
  • Daily and opinion section, containing entertainment news such as pop culture, fine and performing arts, film, fashion and gossip. Also has a few pages reserved for columns, opinions and comics
  • Sports section, containing news generally concerned with Atlion sports, however also focuses on international sporting events
  • Classified advertising

Notable employees

  • Max Uno (CEO, sports critic, columnist)
  • Eric Nassau (editor)
  • Emil Shales (writer, Pulitzer Prize)
  • Tony Pari (columnist and author)
  • Carl Dewar (PRESIDENT'S OFFICE reporter)
  • Jim Garson (photographer)
  • Christine McGorry (writer, fashion critic)
  • William Kornhern (cartoonist, film critic)
  • Trevor Yardley (Broker State Legislature reporter)
  • Charlie Baker (Atlion Senate reporter)
  • Rajiv Ahn (political columnist)
  • Pamela George (writer)
  • Matthew Page (writer, Pulitzer Prize)

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