Steven McKay is a Kruzean politician and lawyer. He is the current leader of the Official Opposition to President Tessa Sharples's government. He has been Chairman of the Conservative Party since Michael Azoff's resignation.

Steven MacKay
Steven mckay

Leader of the Official Opposition in the High Council

since February 2014

Predecessor : Tessa Sharples

President : Tessa Sharples

Chairman of the Conservative Party

since February 2014

Predecessor : Michael Azoff

              Minister of Justice

        April 2012 - February 2014

President : Michael Azoff

Government : Azoff II

             MP for Albion District

since  February 2002

Governor of the Federal Territory

             March 2011 - April 2012

Personnal Details

Birth : 1968 in Honga City, WB

Spouse : Naomi McKay

Children : Jamie McKay, Ben McKay

Religion : Roman Catholic

Job : Lawyer, economist

Party : Conservative (since 2001)

Minister of Justice under Michael Azoff, he is quite a popular politician in the Kruz Islands. He is one of the rare Conservatives not to be accused of corruption in the Mafawa scandal in September 2013.


Steven Mckay was born 6 February 1968 in Southgate Estates District, Honga City. He is the son of Reginald Mckay and Penny Wilson. Steven is part of the very wealthy McKay family, established in the Kruz Islands since 1855. The McKay family were part of the first Scottish settlers to colonize the Islands. Steven McKay has Scottish, French and jewish ancestry.

McKay was educated at Primerose Hill Private primary school. He attended the very expensive Victoria College in Williamsport. After graduating, he became a lawyer and economist.

Steven married Naomi Coleman, in 1996. They have two children, Ben and Jaime. The family lives in Williamsport.


Beginning as an MP

Conservative supporter since his teenage years, McKay actually joined the party in 2001. He was elected Member of Parliament for Albion District in the 2002 election. He was chosen because the former Conservative member, Donald Hesletine was retiring, aged 82.

In Government

After the 2011 conservative victory, new president Michael Azoff appointed McKay as governor of the Federal Territory. He didn't stay governor for long because he became Minister of Justice a year later. During his time in government, McKay was seen as the rising star of the Conservative Party. He was one of the rare ministers not to be accused of corruption.

Leader of the Conservatives

When the conservatives suffered from a heavy defeat in the 2014 elections, McKay was seen as the only man to replace Michael Azoff. Two weeks after the election, McKay won the Conservative Leader Election by a large margin. he subsequently became Leader of the Opposition.

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