Stierburg is a hamlet located in the Feuerländer Province of La Plata. It is the southernmost populated locality in the country, and it was founded in 1892 by fishermen of the Southern King Crab. Stierburg has a population of 36, most of them belonging to the families of the original fishermen and most carrying on the profession. The hamlet belongs to the Kap Hoorn Prefecture, and it is currently governed by Halterrecht Heinrich Pfatzler. Stierburg has its own clinic and fire facility, both of which are in the same building as the hamlet's regierunghaus.

Stierburg's small economy is centered on the fishing industry, the most important and prized catch being the Southern King Crab. Since 1993, the Fishing Guild has subsidized the catches of the local fishermen. Before then, fishermen independently sold their products. The two independently held businesses in the hamlet are a café and a small general store.


Stierburg is a hamlet, and its small government is centered in its regierunghaus. The residents of the area typically vote for more conservative members of the Parliament, which is reflected in its halterrecht. Heinrich Pfatzler is considered to be a conservative with strong traditionalist beliefs. He has reflected a strict personality, and has been displeased with the amount of change Katarina has pushed for since 1993. While he generally sees the Guild system and the modernization of the country as a benefit to the people, he has stated that her change "in a rapid and random manner" will lead to "chaos within the nation."


Stierburg is situated in a small bay known as Stierseinlass. The hamlet sits on a light incline, and most buildings are located on the both artificial and natural flat areas of the incline. At the base of the incline, on the waterfront, are the hamlet's public depot, the café, the local chapel, and a small schoolhouse. The waterfront is defined by a road which extends further up the incline. Buildings located on the road are the regierunghaus and multiple houses. The hamlet is located in a clearing, which is surrounded by coniferous trees. There is no land connections to the hamlet, and all transportation must be done through the dock. The two roads in the hamlet are paved, the community enjoys electricity and plumbing, and there are radio, cellular, internet and television connections.

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