Stonehouse is a constituency, or division, of the Georgeland House of Commons. It is located around the town of the same name in rural East Mainland, in the state's south. The seat is named for Mark Stonehouse, a political activist in the 1930s. The seat has existed since 1942.
Stonehouse is a 'key marginal', and is somewhat of a 'battleground' seat, one of the 'fruit belt' seats that depend on primary producers as their economic base. The seat is currently held by Conservative Fred Osbourne.

Members of Parliament

  1. Jack Horace (Independent) 1942-1946
  2. Michael Rowland (Conservative) 1946-1954
  3. Stan Marshall (Labour) 1954-1958
  4. Michael Rowland (Conservative) 1958-1966
  5. Eric Logan (Labour) 1966-1970
  6. Hugh Solomon (Conservative) 1970-1975
  7. Fred Osbourne (Conservative) 1975-1987
  8. Kevin Simpson (Labour) 1987-1991
  9. Fred Osbourne (Conservative) 1991-

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