34Procul (2078), also known as the Yuan System, is a star system approximately 2.1796 Ligth Years from the Solar System. 34Procul was discovered in 2078, the system is believed to consist of 3 protostars, orbiting a Main Sequence Star 'Yuan'. The system was later revealed to have several terrestrial planets and gas giants. The terrestrial planets have been found have the parimetres to be terraformed.

During the terraforming on Mars and Venus, a plan was put forward in 2080, if the terraforming of Mars and Venus failed, that Earth would be evacuated and humanity would travel to 34Procul, on large generation ships, and terraform the planets in the star cluster. However this plan was scrapped in 2083 as terraforming proved successful on the two planets.


The Procul System orbits a large Mid-Sequence Yellow Dwarf Star, known as Yuan (meaning 'Far Star' in Chinese). Three Protostars, 34Procul(2087) Protostar1 'Dragon Egg', 34Procul(2078) Protostar2 'Red Pheonix' and 34Procul(2078) Protostar3 'Dragon Eye.' The Dragon Egg has two planets orbiting the protostar, and Red Pheonix has one, Dragon Eye only has one dwarf planet.


The Yuan System Consists of 7 terrestrial planets, and 3 gas giants. Two of the terrestrial planets orbit the protostar 34Procul(2078) Protostar1 'Dragon Egg,' the rest remain in orbit around the central star, Yuan. One Gas Giant orbits the protostar 34Procul(2078) Protostar3 'Red Pheonix.' The planets are as follows, in orbital order;


  • 34P(Yuan)01 - Annabel
  • 34P(Yuan)02 - Serra
  • 34P(Yuan)03 - Minimae
  • 34P(Yuan)04 - Haiyang
  • 34P(Yuan)05 - Astraeus (Gas Giant)
  • 34P)Yuan)06 - Euphemus (Gas Giant - Ringed Planet)

Dragon Egg

  • 34P(Dragon Egg)01 - Spera
  • 34P(Dragon Egg)02 - Florence
  • 34P(Dragon Egg)03 - Zeus

Red Pheonix

  • 34P(Red Pheonix)01 - Hobart (Gas Giant)

Dragon Eye

  • 34P(Dragon Eye)01 - Xiao (Dwarf Planet)

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