Anti-Gravity Technology is largely advanced in 2071, and has found major uses in transport, as it is used in Hover Vehicles and Skyships. In Hover Vehicles the technology is used to allow the vehicle to hover a few centimetres above the ground, and in skyships it is the main force that holds up the craft.

The main source of anti-gravity technology that is widely used and is the least expensive, is Gravitoelectric coupling, also known as a Grav Dampener, where a fast rotating Superconductor creates an area of low gravitational effect. Orginially discovered in 1995 by a Russian Researcher working with superconductors, his claims were not validated until 2032 when research into the claim proved successful.

Another source of anti-gravity technology, is Gravitational Shielding, which is still in experimentation, however research suggests that such a process is not possible. Gravitational Shielding is the process of shielding and object from the forces of a gravitational field, and such as process reduces the weight of an object.

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