The Arboreal-Class Liner, is a luxury passenger liner spacecraft operated by many Cruise Lines across the 'continuum. The Arboreal-Class is produced by the Yutanyi Spacecraft Corporation, with the first being inaugruated in 2085. The Liner is of massive construct, and is one of the largest civilian vessels operated in the 'continuum. The Arboreal Liner gains its namesake from its many 'pods' where plants are grown, these make the ship perfect for space-vacations for the wealthy. 

Super Structure

The Arboreal-Class Liner has a massive construct, featurung a long fuselage to which several (up to 5) Arboreal and Botanic 'pods' are attatched. Inside the pods are botanical gardens, where different climatic zones are simulated, ranging from tropical jungles to deciduous forests.

Within the fuselage is the passenger accomodations, which can accomodate up of 1,500 passengers. The passenger amenities also consist of a Casino, Resturaunts, Bars, Shopping Centre and even leisure facilities. The Liners are used for vacation cruises, and rarely passenger flights. 

The main thrusters are located at the rear of the vessel, made up of four large nuclear pulse thrusters, which can propel the ship vast distances not distrubing the comfort of its passengers. Its flight deck is located at the fore of the fuselage.

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