Nickname(s): World City
Construction Officially Completed 2051
City Seat Victoria
 • Body Commonwealth of Allied Planets
 • Magistrate Inara Serra
 • Total 227,962.59 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Ariel is an aerial city located above former western europe. Completed officially in 2051 Ariel serves as the capital for the Commonwealth, the 'Contiuum's governing body. Ariel is the largest city on Earth, covering an area of 227,962.59 km2, and a population of 103,567,132 as of 2070 (not including Shadow City). Ariel consists of three levels of buildings and streets layed out on top of each other concealing even more sunlight than Earth get in the first place, and has been described as a 'as a dark, mesh of buildings ad walkways illuminated by perpetual flashing billboards.' Ariel is regarded as the most important city on Earth, with the global governing body situated in the city, aswell as major businesses. The city is densely populated, and is known for its busyness, however many of its buildings remain empty after many people emigrated off-world.

Ariel is located above former Western Europe, spreading along the Iberia Peninsula and up through former France, and Great Britain. The city of Ariel is roughly the size of Honshu Island in former Japan. When building the city, cultural preservation enclaves (CPE) were built, which would house communities of major minority cultures of Earth, the enclaves are semi-autonomous, however some have dimly devolved into ethnic ghettos or Disney-esque representations of once great cultures.


Ariel's city council is comprised of councilmen from each district of the city. The Council is headed by a Magistrate who is elected, and then appoints the council members. Ariel's Magistrates can run for an unlimited amount of terms, unless impeached, the term length is 4 years.


Ariel's population, as of 2070 is 103,567,132, not including Shadow City. Ariel is a very ethnic diverse city, with 39% of the populated of Chinese, or other Asian decent, 43% European, 8% African, 5% Arab/Middle Eastern and 5% other.

Ariel is one of the most culturally mixed cities in the world, different from Asian dominated Sinhon, or American Haven, the city has mixed cultures, with many traditions, architecture and langauges mixed together, to form a unique culture specific to the city of Ariel. The city has large amount of neo-classical architecture, in gothic and oriental styles. 

Levels and Wards

  • Eastern Enclaves
    • African Enclave
    • Arabian Enclave
    • Caribbean Enclave
    • French Enclave
    • Greek Enclave
    • Indian Enclave
    • Israeli Enclave
    • Japanese Enclave
    • Nordic Enclave
    • Russian Enclave
    • Tamil Enclave
    • Turkish Enclave
  • Western Districts
    • Bachjra
    • Heng Sha
    • Kithoi
    • Triumph
    • Victoria
    • Vlora
    • Whitefall
  • Central Districts
    • Bakirkoy
    • Beylik
    • Century
    • Eminonu
    • Fhloston
    • Havesu
    • Hinansho
    • Zhaohangshi

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