The Ariel Cultural Preservation Enclaves (ACPE) are an attempt by the Commonwealth to preserve major minority cultures of Earth. The Enclaves are sem-autonomous districts of the city of Ariel. Each Enclave has the right to elect a Deputy Magistrate, and may adopt an official district language. The enclaves are located in the Eastern Region of the city. However following colonisation of the inner planets most of the enclaves have devolved into ethnic ghettos and disney-esque representations of former cultures. 


  • African Enclave - A mix of different African Cultures, it is also known as the Molongwi District. The districts official language is Afrikaans.
  • Arabian Enclave - A mix of Arabian Cultures, dominated by Islam, and official language Arabic.
  • Caribbean Enclave - Caribbean Cultures, with the official language being New Creole, a mix of caribbean creole dialects.
  • French Enclave - French and Western European Cultures, official language is French.
  • Greek Enclave - Greek Cultural Centrre, official language is Greek.
  • Indian Enclave - Indian cultural centre, Islam and Hindu dominated. Urdu, Hindi and Telugu language dominated.
  • Israeli Enclave - Jewish dominated Isreali cultural centre. Official language is Hebrew.
  • Japanese Enclave - A concentrated Japanese cultural centre, even though Japanese has grown to be a major world culture, official language of Japan.
  • Nordic Enclave - A mix of all Nordic Cultures, with Finnish, Norweigan, Swedish and Danish populations.
  • Russian Enclave - A catholic dominated enclave, with the official language being Russian.
  • Turkish Enclave - Turkish and Ottoman cultures, official language is Turkish, however Turkmen is also spoken, it has no official religion.

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