Armstrong is the capital city of Luna. While being a relatively small new city, founded in 2088, the settlement has grown into the economic centre of the moon in the past five years. Named after the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, the city is known for its mix of both frontier and so-called 'civilised' cultures and lifestyles. Built on the coast of Gelingland, the largest land-mass on the moon, the city holds the main spaceport for Luna which is a hive of activity and trading supplies coming in from the fringes of the moon. 


Armstrong was founded in 2088 as the first major settlment of the moon before terraforming was officially completed, and the city quickly grew into a hive of trade and new beginnings for newcomers rushing out into the newly terraformed world to take a little piece of it for themselves, however some were forced out of their land by the Commonwealth due to claiming restrictions in 2091. Armstrong today is the largest city on Luna, however a world-away from the developed cities of Mars and Venus, along with its neighbour-cities, Boltzmann and Abulfeda.

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