Flag of bellerophon.png
Constructed 2038
Named for Bellerophon from Greek Mythology
City Seat Balmoral
 • Body Commonwealth of Allied Planets
 • Magistrate Kaylee Frye
Bellerophon is a single level city located above former Malaysia, and South East Asia. Bellerophon is one of several floating cities that were built on Earth following the Great Rise, however the city was generally known as a haven for illegal trading, aswell as the less well off, but following colonisation of the inner planets most of Earth has become a slum. Although located above former Asia, the city is mainly influenced by western cultures, particularly Australia and the United Kingdom.

Bellerophon is a very industrialised city, and is Earth's main manufacturing hub, with the Yutanyi Corporation having many factories located in the city, aswell as the former headquarters and factory of the Bellerophon Allied Skyship Corporation before its closure. 


Bellerophon is located south west of Sinhon, and east of Jiangyin, the city covers an area of 32,546 km2, built on top of a metal platform anchored to the shallow seabed where the city is located.


Bellerophon has a predominantly western cultural population, with a large population of Australians, aswell as Americans, Africans and British, making the city predominantly english-langauge dominated. However there are also large populations of Chinese and South East Asian's.


Bellerophon's City Council is made up of members from each administrative district of the area, which like all Commonwealth Administrated cities, is headed by a Magistrate.

Administrative Districts

  • Albanon
  • Ambon
  • Balmoral
  • Besthaven
  • Eastdowne
  • Kyabram
  • Timor
  • Saldhanah
  • Sunbury
  • Worcester

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