Bernadette is large frontier town located on the shores of Lake Berndatte, one of the Great Martian Lakes. Bernadette is often considered the 'capital of the frontier', as it is the largest, and one of the first settlements in the frontier, first settled in 2087. It is the only town in the frontier that has a purpose built skyport which is extremely chaotic and a haven for smugglers, however most skyships just land in the wilderness in other settlements. The closest settlment to Bernadette is Sinclair Trading Post, which is over 130 Miles away.


Berndatte has a different governing system to that of the developed areas. The Town Mayor oversees the running and governing of the town, and the Town's Sheriff oversees Law Enforcement, the Towns Police Department. The Mayor is elected, however it is flawed democracy, and often a large sum of money is used to bribe the voters. The Mayor then elects his Sheriff, and a large sum of money may also be used as a bribe for the mayor to elect the sheriff.


Bernadette is located on the shores of Lake Bernadette, the largest of the Great Lakes, surrounded by praires, farmland and pastures the area is good for farming, with a large naturally fertile area surrounding the lake, aswell as artifical-irrigated fields taking water from the lake. The town is over 130 Miles away from its nearest settlement, Sinclair Trading Post, and even further way from its nearest 'developed' area, of Londinium .

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