The Buzzard Light Bulk Transport is a light cargo transport spacecraft manufactured by the Harrow-Xeng Corporation. The Buzzard entered production in 2089, during the company's start in spacecraft manufacturing. The Buzzard has proved popular with independent courier companies, aswell as freelance traders, but has also been used for polar mining runs due to its hardy structure. The size and design considerations of the craft has reduced its crew down to a pilot, a co-pilot and an engineer to operate fully, but due to their simple design, they are easy to keep in the sky and are known for their good construction, 'a ship like that'll outlive you if you got a mechanic who's even half awake.'


The Buzzard Class is built around a rounded rectangular fuselage hexagonal shaped when viewed from the front and back, with two rotatable engines on either side, with a large downward-opening cargo door at the front of the craft, making it popular for transporting machinery, cattle, freight containers and many others. The bridge is located at the rear of the craft, which can be reached by stars at the back of the cargo hold. On the lower floor is also the crew accomodation, (four beds) and a small kitchen and bathroom, aswell as the engineering deck. 

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