CityPol is the police force of the Global Commonwealth of Allied Cities. CityPol, short for City Police are in charge of law enforcement in their respective cities. CityPol are not authorised to carry lethal weapons, and insstead carry Tazers and often Sonic Rifles. CityPol consists of eight departments, which retain jurisdiction over their respective cities and slums.


  • DEP1 Ariel City Police Department APD
  • DEP2 Bellerophon Police Department BPD
  • DEP3 Haven Police Department HPD
  • DEP4 Jiangyin Police Department JPD
  • DEP5 Memphis Police Department MPD
  • DEP6 Newhope Police Department NHPD
  • DEP7 Pacifica Police Department PPD
  • DEP8 Sinhon Police Department SPD

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