The Colonisation Initiative is a plan that was put forward by the Global Commonwealth Government in 2049 to terraform and colonise planets in the Sol System and leave Earths deteriorating conditions. The Plan includes the building of huge ark ships, that would carry people, building materials and other equipment to planets such as Mars and Venus, which would then terraform the planets and begin human colonisation. People would experience better health, and environments on these newly opened worlds.

By 2070 the building of the Ark ships continues, with the first ships expected to be completed in late 2071, with the first landing expected by the end of 2072 on Mars. The journeys would take over 9 months, and first passengers would have to live on the ark ships for several more months while the first areas of the planets were terraformed and the building work begins. Terraforming technology, known as Robot Terraformers would be used to terraform Mars and Venus, which could take up to 5 years to fully terraform the planets.

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