The Commonwealth Space Agency (联邦航天局 - Chinese), abbreviated as CSA, is the department of the Commonwealth of Allied Planets, that is concerned with space transport, exploration and communications. Formed in 2045, the CSA spearheaded the Colonisation Initiative in 2049, which terraformed Mars and Venus by 2086, and encouraged many people to emigrate from Earths terrible environmental conditions. The CSA is also responsible for the Ark Ship flights between planets, and the InterplaNet, the interplanetary internet, aswell as space exploration and research missions.



  • Ark Ship Flights.
  • Colonisation Initiative and Off-World Emigration.
  • InterplaNet and interplanetary communications.
  • Research and Exploration Missions.

Current Missions

The CSA has taken over several of the ESA's and NASA's missions from before the 'Great Rise', but has also began some of its own missions, from its main base at Ariel Space Centre and ArkPort.

  • Cronian Exploration - Exploration of Saturn and its Moons, Titan and Encleadus, launched in 2092, it is expected to arrive in January 2096.

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