A Credit (C) is the currency issued by the Commonwealth of Allied Planets Government, which is used as the universal currency throughout the 'continuum. Credits are issued as Notes, and coins known as Platinums. Notes are issued as 50 C (£10), 100 C (£50), 500 C ($120) 1000 C (£500). Printed by the Commonwealth Mint in Ariel, the Credit was first distrubuted in 2040. Credits notes are normally decorated with historical figures, and traditional chinese designs. While Credit notes and coins are used in the so-called 'developed continuum' in the martian frontier they are not so accessable, and a set of precious metal coins are most widely used, although Credits are also accepted. The metal coins are made from a set of weights, silver, gold and platinum, however bartering and trading is most commonly used in business dealings. 

Credits are printed by the First Bank of the Continuum from Londinium , Mars, however such other variations of the credit printing exist throughout the 'continuum, including 


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