General Slang

  • Comm,The (The Comm) - Abbreviation of Commonwealth (Government)
  • Craptech - Old technology, awful quality.
  • Earthers - People who have remained on Earth.
  • Feds - Government or Government Workers, Police or Law Enforcement
  • Ghosted - Dead
  • Ke Pa (Chinese) - Awful
  • La Shi (Chinese) - Shit, Crap, Damn
  • Off-Worlders - People who have emigrated off-world, (used by people on Earth)
  • Pocket Jocky - Pick pocket/thief
  • Shiny - Cool, Something of Value
  • Spacer - Someone who makes their living in space.
  • Wei (Chinese) - Hey!

Chinese Slang

Most people speak a small amount of Chinese, which can get mixed into everyday conversation in English, particularly when swearing, or using slang. Here are some examples;

  • Gwo Hwong Tong (夠荒) - Enough!, Stop
  • Ke Pa (可怕) - Awful, Terrible, e.g 'Its Ke Pa!'
  • Lā shǐ (拉屎) - 'Shit', 'Crap', 'Damn' e.g 'What is this La Shi?'
  • Lu Suh (垃圾) - Garbage, Rubbish, e.g 'What is this Lu Suh?'
  • Míng báile ma (明白了吗) - 'Got it?' 'Understand?'
  • Peng yu (朋友) - Pal, Friend, Buddy, e.g Wei Peng yu!
  • Wei (哎) - Hey! - Informal greeting.
  • Zeng Bang (真棒) - 'Awesome' 'Cool' Thats Zeng Bang!

Technical Slang/Colloquialisms

  • The Continuum - Region of Space known to mankind.
  • C.A.V - Commonwealth Ark Vessel
  • S.R.E.V - Short Range Enforcement Vessel
  • Boat - Slang for Spacecraft

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