Docks, also known as Spaceports, are locations where spacecraft can dock to trade, refuel, restock and take on passengers and cargo. The docks were formerly skyports, however after skyships were fased out they began to serve spacecraft. Most docks are mostly flat wastes where spacecraft can land with ample space. Around docks are normally markets, warehouses and criminal organisations that can attract smugglers, often disguising themselves as 'importers and exporters' in the eyes of the Commonwealth. However many freelance spacecraft operators don't use docks, and can find a way to land in the wilderness, however few can due to docking restrictions. 

List of Docks


  • Ariel Central Transport Hub - Ariel
  • Bachjra Docks - Ariel
  • CAP Naval Hub - Ariel
  • Du'Khang Docks - Jiangyin
  • Eastdowne Docks - Bellerophon
  • Geldstrom Docks - Ariel
  • Hinansho Docks - Ariel
  • Kuaigan Docks - Sinhon
  • Lantau Docks - Sinhon
  • Memphis Transport Hub - Memphis
  • Newhope Docks - Newhope
  • Newminster Docks - Londinium
  • Schichang Docks - Jiangyin
  • Shenzhen Docks - Sinhon
  • Whitefall Docks - Haven 
  • Worcester Docks - Bellerophon


  • CAP Transport Hub
  • Centralridge Docks 


  • CAP Transport Hub
  • Dunsmere Docks - New Dunsmere
  • Gateway Docks - Londinium
  • Huoxing Central Docks 
  • Red Gateway Docks - Hongcheng
  • Tranquility Docks - Ninjing
  • Yutanyi Transport Hub - Londinium 
  • Xinxiwang Docks - Xinxiwang


  • Adelphi Docks - Persephone
  • Merkezi Docks - New Ariel 
  • Hedone Landing - Hedone
  • Serenity Docks - Serenity 

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