The Flag of the Commonwealth of Allied Planets is currently a quadruple colour flag consisting of four red, and four blue stripes, and two orange and yellow cantons with the emblem of the Commonwealth rampant on a yellow canton. The former flag represented the Commonwealth on Earth, and was subsequently changed in 2090. 

2056 - 2090 Flag

The former flag of the Commonwealth was designed when the Commonwealth first came into power in 2056. The flag represented the Commonwealth as it was on Earth, with the blue and red squares represeting the meeting of Eastern and Western Cultures, with the emblem of the Commonwealth in the centre of the flag. 

2090 - Current Flag 

The current flag was adopted in 2090, changing from the flag that represented Earth in the Commonwealth. The four red and four blue stripes represent the three planets and the single moon that form the Commonwealth, while the Orange and Yellow Cantons represent the Sun, however some believe it represents the Yutanyi Corporation's interests in the government. The Chinese characters translate as 'The Four Planets of the Commonwealth.' 

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