Government of Mars

Motto: 我们会抱希望(Wǒmen huì bào xīwàng) - Chinese (We Will Hold Out Hope)
Anthem: We Unite - (Anthem of the Commonwealth)
Capital Ninjing
Largest city Londinium
Official languages Chinese
Widely Spoken English, Arabic, Russian
Demonym Martian
Government Regional Government, As part of the Commonwealth of Allied Planets
• Governor
Yusef Matsuo
• Representative to the Quorom
Jubal Harrow
The Government of Mars is the regional governing body of the planet Mars. The governing body is administrated by the Commonwealth of Allied Planets. The planet can conduct its own affairs to some degree, but must abide by the policies set by the Quorom of Twelve. Mars is led by a Governor, and is represented in the Quorom by Two Representatives. 


The Governor of Mars is the head of government for the planet Mars, elected by only the 'full' citizens of the commonwealth on Mars, however, as with all elections within the commonwealth, are extremely corrupt. Normally to raise necessary funds to run for Governor one must make deals with the Guilds, and the private businesses, or in many occasions current governors. The Governor may coordinate the planets affairs, but must abide by the laws and policies set by the Quorom of Twelve.

Representative to the Quorom

The Representative to The Quorom is the planet's member of the Quorom of Twelve, which is situated on the planet Venus. The representative brings the planets policies to the quorom, and assists in setting the laws and policies passed by the Quorom. The Representative is one of the most prestigious titles in Mars politics.

The representative is elected by the the full citizens of Mars only, which excludes them living on the frontier or those supporting independance movements.


The Administrations symbols are both the Banner, above, the Astronomical Symbol for the planet and the colours of the banner. The Symbol on the banner represents the planet and its administration, the circle with the arrow emerging from the top right. The symbol is generally interpreted as the shield and spear from the war god of Mars/Ares. The Colours of the Banner represent the planet, they are Orange and Red, as the central blues represent it as part of the Commonwealth.