The Harrow Family are undoutably the most politically connected and influencial family on Mars. Originating from Earth, the Harrow Family were among the first to emgirate to the newly terrraformed planet in 2085. The Harrow have been prominent in martian politics, with roots deep in the city of Londinium, of which the current Magistrate is Sir Warwick Harrow who governs the city and its city zone, and the current martian representative to the Quorom is Jubal Harrow. Brothers Jubal and Warwick have both been to the most prestigious educational institutes on Mars, and had become influential political figures on the planet by 2090, they have also each a large offspring of which also aspire to carry on the families dynasty. The family business, the Harrow Corporation, merged with Xeng Armory to create the Harrow-Xeng Corporation which is now one of the most profitable corporations in the 'continuum. 

The Harrow Family are often known as rivals of the Yutanyi Family, who have moved to Mars following the re-location of the families mega corporation Yutanyi Corporation. The two families are often known as the 'Montagues and Capulets of Mars.'

Family Members

  • Aradia Harrow - Wife of Gordon Harrow, formerly Aradia Sokovolov.
  • Gordon Harrow - Father and eldest member of the family, Gordon is currently joint CEO of the Harrow-Xeng Corporation, along with Matsuo Xeng.  
  • Jubal Harrow - Younger brother of Warwick Harrow, Jubal is a member of the Quorom representing Mars. 
  • Warwick Harrow - Elder brother of Jubal Harrow, and current Magistrate of Londinium Zone. 

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