Constructed 2037
Named for Haven
City Seat Westminster
 • Body Global Commonwealth
 • Magistrate Keanu Higgins
 • Total 89,567.89 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Haven is an aeriel city located off the former east coast of America, built on two levels, Haven is one of the three major global cities, along with Ariel and Sinhon. Haven is predominantly western influenced, with the population mainly consisting of Canadians, British and Americans. Haven is known for its world known landmark, the Haven Clocktower, which was modeled after Big Ben. Haven's architecture is mostly imperial style, which had been influenced by the former cities of London and Washington D.C. The city is known as a shining beacon of western culture throughout the world.


Haven is located off the east coast of the former United States of America, and consists of two levels of buildings and streets, of which the lower floats on top of the ocean, and Havens slum, New Canaan is located on the same level. Haven takes up a total area of 186,458.8 km².


Haven is governed by the Haven City Government, consisting of a council made up of 6 members, (three members from each city level), which is led by a Magistrate. The Magistrate acts as the mayor, and head of the City Council. The council is located in the Central area of the city, in the Westminster District on the top level of buildings.

Administrative Divisions

  • Outer
    • Albans
    • Bristol
    • Canaan
    • Columbia
    • LaSalle
    • Richmond
    • Saint George
    • Serenity Park
    • Whitefall
  • Central Haven
    • Cambridge
    • Londinium
    • Norfolk
    • Villeray
    • Westminster


Haven is major world financial centre, with most of the worlds financial and media industries concentrated in the city. The city is also known as a shining beacon of western culture throughout the world. Haven's Skyport, Canaan Docks is the termination of the 'Trans-America Trade Route' of the Traders Guild which runs from Pacifica. Haven is also the one of the main stops of the Orient Run, a trade route between the West (Haven and Ariel) and the Orient (Sinhon and Jiangyin).

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