Hosgeldiniz is an industrial port city on Mars, and is the capital of the Zuhause Province. One of the largest dedicated industrial centres of the 'continuum, the city is known for its many Yutanyi Corporation factories, which many speculate may not be factories at all, Hosgeldiniz is also the manufacturing base of Kirmizi Automaton. Hosgeldiniz has one of the busiest industrial spaceports in the 'continuum, and is a quagmire of departing and arriving frieghters, tankers, and shuttles, often known as one of the most dangerous spaceports due to its relaxed regulations due to the chaos that is the airspace, and the robotic arm-clamps that are used to dock the arriving spacecraft,

The city of Hosgeldiniz is a hive of activity, with the constant sound of work and machines in the air, only punctured by music eminating from the many clubs that the city has to offer, and is often known as the 'Lu Suh Pit' or more positively, the 'Workhorse of the 'Continuum.' 

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