An I.V.A.N Robot

I.V.A.N (Intuitive Vertical Assistant) is a line of robotic assistants and butler manufactured by the Yutanyi Corporation. First appearing in the early 2090's the IVAN's have found uses in private homes as butlers, and in workplaces as assistants and sometimes even receptionists. Robotics are not generally used in the present day, other than in some manufacturing plants.

IVANs are non-humanoid in construction, distinguished by a rounded shape and singular circular 'eye.' IVANs are able to remotely control functions within a home or workplace if linked to them wirelessly, such as opening and closing doors. Some IVANs act as butlers in some households, and are able to recognise individuals on sight if appropriate data has been stored, and they can accept or deny entry. The robots have different voice settings, the most commonly used is the butler-esque friendly and well spoken manner, and they can recognise and 'speak' both English and Chinese as standard, however other langauge upgrades and software may also be installed, aswell as reciting historical information that has been programmed or told via voice commands. IVANs may also be used for other services - if they have the appropriate software upgrades - such as umpiring on tennis games, personal assistants in workplaces and can even tell jokes.

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