The Independent Alliance, also known as the Independent Conspiracy or simply Indepedents, is loose alliance of rebel and independence groups against the Commonwealth of Allied Planets. Referred to as terrorists and traitors by the Commonwealth, however this is not the case, apart from a very minute group of individuals who use terrorism which is not permitted by the Indepedent Alliance.

In order to achieve their primary goal in creating independence to each respective planet or moon, the Independent Alliance has also been known to aid in small uprisinings by the people of the Commonwealth, notably the series of violent skirmishes on Earth's moon Luna , when the Commonwealth forcibly evicted some settlers due to land rules, the Independent Alliance aided civilians both on the ground and in orbit, lasting for only three days, and has become known as the Three Day Uprising. 

The Origins of the Independent Alliance date back to pre-colonisation times, during the formation of the Global Commonwealth after worldwide countries cede their power to the organisation. The group was later known for several planned protests throughout the world in 2045 against the so called 'imperialist commonwealth.' The Alliance later grew with the addition of more rebel and separatist movements following colonisation, to the power that the group has today.

Armed Forces

The Independent Alliance maintains a small armed force, but is still capable on combat against Commonwealth Forces, however is still largely outgunned and out-financed. The Armed Forces consist of the Independent Fleet and the Independent Ground Forces, which are often known as Brownshirts.


The Alliance is an loose union between various rebel, independence and separatist movements from across the 'continuum. The major member groups are as follows;

  • Martian Independence Movement
  • Union for the Independence of Earth
  • Venus Indepedence Movement


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