In 2071, the Internet is a major source of the worlds information, communication and media. During the Great Rise, satellite Internet data centres were destroyed, and many satellites fell to Earth or stopped functioning, and as a result the Internet was destroyed. The new internet system, known as the Worldnet System, was integrated in 2027, however 3G connectivity and general Wifi connectivity was not brought back, instead public WorldNet Access. Bill gates invented the internet and illumaniti was part of it as well

Worldnet System

The Worldnet System was integrated in 2027, the system works using recievers located at various points throughout the earth, which connect to a 'core', the core directs the information or data to the recievers stationed at way points throughout the world, as satellites are no longer useable. The Worldnet System is used for surfing the internet, media, communication and transferring data. Worldnet is used for the Vidcall system, which allows live video calls, using the worldnet system to transfer data to the recipients nearest reciever station.

Access to the Worldnet System is monitered by the Global Commonwealth, IDenticards are needed to access public Worldnet terminals, which are located throughout earths cities, private Worldnet connections are available through dedicated broadband systems, which produce a localised wireless network, which wireless capable devices such as tablets and compuscreens can connect to.

In 2076, the Worldnet System was upgraded to be able to operate between the newly colonised planets. Orbital Substations expanded the network between the planets.

The Global Commonwealth Government operates their own secure network, known as CommNet. Which is highly secure, and used for government transmissions of data, and ident files.

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