Constructed 2047
Named for Jiangyin, China
City Seat Sijuan District
 • Body Commonwealth of Allied Planets
 • Magistrate Kwang Li Hung
 • Total 25,234.995 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Jiangyin is a single level city located in the former South China Sea, southwest of Sinhon. Jiangyin, along with Sinhon is known as the two Oriental Cities. Jiangyin is sometimes known as the farming capital of Earth, as it is a major food exporter, with vertical farms, holding animals, growing grain, vegetables, fruits and even containing rice paddies, and as a result Jiangyin is a major trade destination. Jiangyin has a large slum population, mostly that of the cities farmers. Jiangyin is predominantly populated with Chinese and other Asian ethnicities.


Jiangyin is governed by an assembly made up of seven members, headed by a Magistrate, the current Magistrate is Kwang Li Hung. Jiangyin is often seen as the least important city politically, although important industrally and agriculturally.

Administrative Divisions

  • Bi Chong
  • Du-Khong
  • Fuahjau
  • Jiu Schichang
  • Nongchang
  • Shawei
  • Sijaun
  • Sunguang
  • Taipuang
  • Xiuriluo
  • Zhouzhuang


Jiangyin and Bellerophon, are the worlds major industrial centres, although Jiangyin economy is predominantly from farming, with large vertical farms, that hold animals and grow gran, vegetables and even contain rice paddies. Jiangyin is the termination of the Oriental Run trade route, between Haven, Ariel, Sinhon and Jiangyin. Jiangyins main port is the Du-Khong Skyport, located in the Du-Khong District.

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