The Jupiter Class Patrol Vessel is a skyship class, of both civilian and military vessels favoured by traders, and operated by the Commonwealth Navy, and manufactured by the Yutanyi Skyship Corporation. First released in 2063, in both civilian and military variants. The Jupiter Class is the main source of Yutanyis skyship profits, as it is popular with transport lines and freelance traders alike, and is produce under long-term contract with the navy.

Jupiter Class Patrol


The Jupiter Class has an approximate length of 63 metres, and a width of 24 metres. The ship is equipped with a small amount of weapons, and has a reinforced body. The ship is powered by four 240 degree rotating Yutanyi 34 Powerplants, an updated variant of the Yutanyi 33 equipped on the civilian Jupiter Transport.

Jupiter Class Transport


Trader Series

Passenger Series

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