The Land-That-Was is a term used to refer to the Earths former landmasses, which flooded in the middle of the 21st century during the Great Rise. Land-That-Was now exists in legends, that are taught to children during school, and used in film and television. However the knowledge of land-that-was, and indeed the way Earth was, is now fading.

The Legend of Land-That-Was

A long time ago, the Tribes ruled the Earth, they lived in harmony with her, and she rewarded them with a rich bounty.

Little By Little the Tribes developed, and used up the Earth, Used up its resources, its environment, and destroyed the earth with war and hate.

She cried, terrible were her tears, that lasted three centuries, destroyed by the tribes carelessness and stricken with war, the flood that came, came so as a blessing, flooding the land that tribes had destroyed. The tribes feared for survival, they did not listen to warnings, they were driven onto platforms above her roaring seas, she had her revenge.

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