Lu Weng, also spelt as Lu'Weng, is a smuggler from Earth. Born in 2069 in the Sinhon's slum, Lu was born into poverty, and orphaned at a early age, being taken on by skyship smugglers on Earth (before spacetravel became viable), where the smugglers taught him all he needed to know about smuggling and how to stay in the commonwealth's blind spot. Lu Weng later left the smugglers when he was 19, and became a smuggler himself in 2088 when he won the transport ship 'Xiwang' he became one of the most successful smugglers of all time, making enough money to retire, and he set up his moonplex, known as Smuggler's Bane on Mars' moon Deimos. Today Lu Weng is at the seat of a vast empire of illicit activites, including smuggling, theft and mercenery, and is one of the 'continuum's most wanted felons.

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