The Luna Disaster was the worst terraforming disaster during the colonisation of the inner planets. In 2088, several atmosphere processors malfunctioned, releasing unhealthy levels of toxic gases into the moon's partially created atmosphere. Terraforming workers, and early colonists were able to hide in an underground network of tunnels dug earlier to house pipes until the fallout had subsided. However a group of brave workers sacrificed their lives and mangaed to restart the atmosphere processors before official help arrived. The Luna Disaster pushed back Luna's  terraforming completion over 2 years due to the amount of gases released into its newly formed and unstable atmosphere. 

Due to this accident, many potential colonists have been put off settling on the moon, despite the Commonwealth's efforts to reassure many that the atmosphere has been tested many times, revealing safe levels in its atmoshpere. This accident has inadvertantly caused Luna to become known as the frontier moon, with mainly the hardiest of settlers wanting to stake out a piece of land for themselves, which later caused the eviction of some colonists due to lan rules causing the Three Day Uprising. 

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