The Mars Frontier comprises the geography and the expression of life in the forward expansion from the original developed cities of the planet Mars following terraforming in the late 21st century. Many people living in the Mars Frontier are cut off from the rest of the planet, and indeed the rest of the 'Continuum, as many do not have advanced technologies, and are generally overlooked by the Commonwealth of Allied Planets, resulting in a unique governing and law enforcement system very similar to that of the 'Old West back on Land-That-Was. 

The Mars Frontier can often be dangerous due to the arid and unforgiving terrain of the newly terraformed planet, however many find it better than living on the dark and polluted Earth. Mining, farming and cattle herding have become the major sources of income throughout the frontier. However many advanced technologies are still available on the frontier, such as Irrigation Technology, WorldNet Access, Communications and Renewable Electricity. Much of the frontier's energy comes from Solar Sheeting, which is an inexpensive power source, and many buildings and homes are covered in the sheeting. Wind Power is also a widely used energy source, particularly on ranches. 

Land-Speeders are generally used for transportation throughout the frontier, as Hover-Cars are deemed too fragile to be used in the harsh terrain. Although Horses are still used as a source of transportation, although these are still expensive as they are synthetic animals, which are expensive to produce and obtain, however, in very rare circumstances one can find authentic 'real' animals, that are not genetically engineered, although these are eeen rarer in the frontier as they are usually reserved for the wealthy.


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