Constructed 2048
Named for Restored Hope
City Seat Kuangye
 • Body Global Commonwealth of Allied Cities
 • Magistrate Karl Heigard
 • Land 2,454.76 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Newhope is a small mining dominated single level city located above former Russia. Newhope is one of the least developed cities on Earth, having the smallest population, it is somewhat overlooked by the Commonwealth, making it a regular smuggling rendenvouz point for Earth-bound smuggling. Newhope is one of the most remote cities on Earth, with Ariel to the far west, and Sinhon to the far south-west. The city is often seen as uncivilised compared to that of Ariel, Sinhon or Haven.


Newhope is a very remote city located above former Russia, which is an important mining point. Newhope has an approximate area of 2,454.76 km2, and an estimated population of 2,497,095.


Newhope has the least Commonwealth influence on Earth, and has a somewhat different governing system, it is headed by a Magistrate, who has almost absolute power, who has the last word of law and power in the city, after he abolished to cities council in 2066.


Newhope's predominant source of employment is mining, located within a hundred miles of several mining points the city is a major hub for transport of sediment, and minerals, along with other mining equipment and products such as clay. 

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