Pacifica is an aerial city located on the former west coast of America. Pacifica is built on two levels, with the bottom level on the surface of the ocean, with its slums surrounding it. Pacifica is predominantly western dominated, with a large Hispanic population, as well as American, but there is a large Pacific section as well. Pacifica is a major world media centre, aswell as industrial centre, with the Yutanyi Corporation operating several factories there, including its main Skyship assembly site.


The city is divided into two levels, one aerial and one on the sea surface. The slums surrounding the city are all on the sea surface, as is most, but not all, of Pacific City.


Administrative Divisions

The city is divided into three main part: Central City, Pacific City and the Slums (not further subdivided). Central City and Pacific City are subdivided into neighbourhoods. Though the Slums are not officially/legally further subdivided, distinctions can be made between separate slums.

A considerable number of Pacific City's neighbourhoods are named after (former) Pacific states and territories, with those neighbourhoods containing citizens from "their" state or territory (as well as other areas).


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