Pan-Continuum, abbreviated as Pan-Con, is a passenger spaceline company operating in the Commonwealth of Allied Planets, formed in 2095 following the 'space transport revolution' after the application of Nuclear Pulse propulsion technologies, cutting down a journey between Earth and Venus down from 2 Months to 1 week. Pan-Continuum operate both trans-global and inter-planetary services, employing a fleet of various giant passenger liners.

Pan-Continuum generally caters to the wealthy of the 'continuum operating a fleet of lavish Arboreal-Class Liners, as many people seek passage between planets on the same planet by transport ships which take on passengers for a small fee.


Pan-Continuum operates Inter-Planetary flights between all planets of the Commonwealth, operating spaceflights between, Earth and Luna, Earth and Mars, Earth and Venus, Luna and Mars, Luna and Venus and Mars and Venus.


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