Persephone is the third largest city on the planet Venus, founded in 2087. The city is named after the Greek Queen of the Underworld, and Daughter of Zeus. Over the years Persephone has grown to become a large developed city, and one could also find the pinnacle of high society and wealth in the city, however there is also a large slum population in the the outskirts of the city.

Perspephone is located on the western coast of the Aphrodite Continent on the banks of the New Ha Long Bay. The city is a developed trade centre, and has a bustling skyport, which is the location of a vast criminal underworld in the city, aswell as its vast market, selling anything from cloned Ostriches to Yutanyi Brand Coffee brought in from throughout the 'Continuum. Persephone is also a starting point for many tourists on Venus, who arrive on large liners from other planets and embark on short range shuttles to Adonis Resort, located on a steep cliff not far from the city.





Parks and Recreation

Redai Temple

Redai Temple is a buddhist temple in central Persephone, built in 2087, the temple has become a major attraction in the city, both four tourists and pilgrims. The temple is built in traditional oriental style, mimicking various temples from Land-That-Was.

Schichang Centre

Schichang, meaning 'Market' in Mandarin, is a major centre in central Persephone, that hosts a large market, where one could buy any manner of goods from throughout the 'continuum, the market is only beaten by the Persephone Spaceport Market.


Persephone Skyport

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